CFPC- COVID 19 and Where We Are At!

CFPC- COVID 19 and Where We Are At!

To our Valued Members,

I miss you all so much more than I can say! Thank you to all that are logging your scores on SugarWOD; it brings a smile to my face to see our community staying together and continuing to stick to their fitness goals. I wish I could say when we expect to be back up and running again, but no one has that answer. Until then we are going to continue the best we can with online programming. You will be receiving an email from Wodify as we will be switching over to that platform April 1 and no longer using SugarWOD. Several of you have asked how you can continue to support CFPC and how to pay for the programming you are receiving or “renting” some equipment. We have the following services available.

Flex Program- $25/ Month- This allows you to see the Workout of the day and log your scores, as well as the use of the equipment you have borrowed.

Flex Program II- $65/ Month- Allows you to see the Workout of the Day along with the Barbel Club which gives a strength component, feedback via video submission, auxiliary work and ongoing coaching throughout the month.

Personalized Programming $85/ month- Personalized programming sent directly to you based on your specific goals and equipment.

Nutrition Coaching $75/month- Individual macro nutrient prescription based on your goals plus weekly check ins via FaceTime or Skype.

Personal Training (Inquire for pricing) This is done outside one on one at either the track or remote location. This is subject to change with the ever changing situation.

Supplements- Protein, Pre workout, RX bars, eggs etc. Available for pick up or delivery.

Do what you can!!

Without our comfortable space and lack of equipment I understand how hard it is to get a good workout in. Without enough weight or space or equipment this is a great opportunity for us to NAIL our technique, own our positions and work on our crap!! I am hoping that as I get better at this programming from afar thing that I send more videos and learn how to help you improve the way you move so that when we come back we are actually stronger and better prepared than ever! Ever wonder why Olympic gymnasts are so damn good? They have accumulated HOURS in hollow body hold, HS hold and support/hang. The Olympic lifter? accumulated HOURS in bottom squat position. This is what I am talking about with OWNING your positions. Now is the time to spend time to work on isometric holds, mobility and nutrition!

Tag us!!

Help keep CFPC alive and well through all this by tagging us in your social media! Show us how you improvised your workout or how your pets invaded your personal space. Show us your kids and your spouse jumping in! Use the hashtags #cfpcforlife #forgetaverage #cfpccommunity, and please continue to log your scores and comments into sugarWOD (Wodify starting April 1).

Thank you all for your support during this, I miss seeing your faces each day and catching up with you! I miss hearing about your families and your gains! Together we will get though this and be back to meeting up for “Adult Recess!”

Stay healthy ❤️

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